Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, Maui, Hawaii
Conference Theme: Improving the Quality of Life
October 1-4, 2023, Hyatt Maui, Hawaii, USA
Notifications for acceptance were send on May 31st. If you have not received your notification please login to papercept to check, since a number of emails have bounced.
We aimed to have an acceptance rate of around 50%. There were many quality submissions. We decided to acceptance more, bringing the acceptance rate for regular papers to 57%.  A number of  quality submissions were ranked accept if possible, yet we had to draw a line.  In some cases reviewers suggested more revisions before accept, some needed more results.
We invite two-page abstracts from  authors whose feedback did not flag major weaknesses, or who do not yet have complete results, but would like to share their work in progress, and also those describing applications and new projects that have recently received funding; the two-page abstracts also will facilitate early feedback and foster collaborations. Finally, two-pagers also allow invited speakers to summarize their talks.
The firm deadline for two-page abstracts is June 15, 2023.
You can download a VISA letter by following the instructions here now.

Also we will post  instructions for applying for rooms at the student rate.