Information for Authors


As peer-reviewed archival publications, all accepted papers will be hosted on IEEE Xplore. Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality papers representing original work. Submissions along the theme, as well as all areas of intelligent robots and applications, are welcome. Papers should be up to six pages (US letter size) in length, in standard two-column IEEE Conference Proceedings format with up to two extra pages (100 USD charge per extra page, payment should be made after the acceptance). The number of pages includes the references, appendices, etc.

Two-page abstracts will only be published in the on-line conference proceedings available to registrants. Abstracts use the same template, but are limited in length to two pages.

For paper or abstract submission, please use the template provided by the papercept system:

How to Submit

  • Step 2: Find SMC 2023

  • Step 3: Click Submit a contribution to SMC 2023

  • Step 4.1: Regular Paper

    If submitting a regular paper, please choose category “Regular Papers”

  • Step 4.2: Special Session Paper

    If submitting a Special Session paper, please choose category “Special Session Papers”. Here, you will need to know the code of the special session you will be submitting to. You can find your codes here.

  • Step 4.3: Workshop

    If submitting to a Workshop, please choose category “Workshop Session Papers” for full papers or “Workshop Session Abstracts” for abstracts. Here you will need to know the code of the workshop. These are listed below:

    • Workshop on Telepresence; code: 3bti3
    • AI and (cyber)security: Friend or Foe?; code: 2cvv2
    • Workshop on Patient’s Data and Models in Neuroergonomics for Healthcare; code: 28gvj
    • Toward Long-Term Robotic and Human Presence on the Moon and Mars Workshop; code: 66w6w
  • Step 4.4: BMI Workshop

    If submitting to the BMI Workshop, please choose category “BMI Workshop Regular Papers” for full papers, “Workshop Workshop Abstracts” for abstracts, or “BMI Workshop Special Session Papers” for special sessions. For the latter, the special session code will be needed, as per below:

    • Machine learning for EEG-based brain-computer interfaces; code: bx21r
    • SomatoSensory Information in Brain-Machine Interfaces; code: x52qh
    • Representations of Neural Data in Brain-Machine Interfaces; code: fqyt4