At the conference hotel


Please reserve using the Sheraton Waikiki Reservation Links below. The rate shows  higher than at Hyatt since Sheraton’s  their reservation system includes a $42 resort fee directly in shown price (at Hyatt was added later). Also, based on the contract we made, a lower, $17 resort fee will be charged instead of $42 but the reservation system could not be adapted to show this way.

Those who had a reservation at Hyatt use this link Had Hyatt Reservation

(hotel will check if you were on the list): Even if the specific room/rate you had at Hyatt is not showing on current reservation, do make a reservation online and if you had the lower rate at Hyatt, Sheraton promised to honor the rate for the same type of room (ocean view or other, etc) .

If you did not have a Hyatt reservation – the link below gives you the contracted rate (may be $20 more than Hyatt had).

Was on waiting list, did not have Hyatt reservation

2023 IEEE SMC to be Relocated to Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu (and, room reservations to be tentatively transferred,  for equivalent quality and rate, to Sheraton Waikikil, as an option, for everyone who had Hyatt reservation- see new note in bold under Honolulu Hotel Venue Accommodations – also see Air travel )

On behalf of IEEE SMC conference leadership, our heartfelt aloha goes out to the island of Maui, to all its residents, and to every member of our extended technical community affected by the devastating wildfires.  As the recovery effort continues, our special thoughts are with the extraordinarily brave emergency responders and Maui residents who are providing their support and assistance to their community.  Relief efforts are being mobilized across Maui and the state of Hawaii, and we encourage those who can participate in these efforts to do so: American Red Cross , Hawaii Community Foundation , Maui United Way
Due to the consequences of this most unfortunate disaster, 2023 IEEE SMC, will be relocated to Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu, on the Oahu Island, October 1-4, 2023 for the same dates as originally scheduled.

Hotel Reservations
Hyatt Regency Maui:  For all participants who held a confirmed hotel reservation at the Hyatt Regency Maui under the 2023 IEEE SMC guest room block, the hotel is cancelling your reservation in the coming days and will issue a refund of any advance deposits charged for your individual reservation.

General Hotel Reservation:  If you secured an individual hotel reservation outside of the official SMC hotel guest room block at the Hyatt Regency and/or at another localized hotel, you will be required to contact the hotel to cancel your individual reservation and request any required refund on your own.

Honolulu Venue Hotel Accommodation:  2023 SMC is relocated to Sheraton Waikiki .  Please continue to check our website for further information.  We will also be sending a detailed communication to all registered participants of the conference once we have further details for your needs. Part of the relocation plan we will transfer the reservation list, for the same quality rooms and the same rate, to Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu.  Guests will also be offered various options, but if you had a room at Hyatt, you will automatically be on the reservation list with a similar quality room at the new hotel, and all you have to do is to confirm it (may have to provide credit card info again). If you did not have a room, you will be able to make reservation at Sheraton Waikiki – at the conference (which has more rooms than Hyatt) at a conference negotiated rate. Also you will be able to choose from three other hotels in the same complex.

Airline Reservations
Most airlines are currently allowing flight changes and/or refunds without penalty due to the unique circumstance in Maui.  Please be sure to check with your carrier directly, should you have already booked your air travel to Maui related to the needed change for your flight. If the flight change is too expensive, please note that you could still fly to/from Maui, and take from there a flight to/from Oahu – these are short interisland flights, every hour, and at a cost of around $100 return. The airport in Maui was not in any way affected.

General Questions
For further questions, please contact Adrian Stoica, at

We thank you for your support and patience as we work through this unique situation and we look forward to seeing you at SMC 2023.

The information below remains valid – it will transfer to the new hotel.
A limited number of rooms at $199 per night will be made available to student authors on a first come first-served basis and  will be allocated after paper acceptance.

  1. The room rate is $199 + Tax, these rooms do not pay the resort fee. It is waived.
  2. The special rate is for the double occupancy. Thus, you will be paired with another student(s). Thus, the effective room rate will be around $100 + tax, for each occupant in double occupancy. For pairing we will share information regarding the process.  You will be able to pair students you would like to share the room.   The room charges will be calculated based on the check-in and check-out dates both students. If one student leaves the room early, the will still be charged for the remaining days until the other student checks out.  Thus, we suggest that you pair with colleagues who has closer or exact check out and check in times.  Once you submit your request through the link below, you will receive instructions for the room pairing.
  3. A third student is also allowed to join, with an extra charge per room, per $80 per day. However, the third student will need to sleep in the sofa.  We suggest to consider this only if the students really know each other.