At the conference hotel

Special rates, starting at $250/night (an exceptionally good rate for a Maui resort hotel) have been secured for SMC 2023, significantly discounted compared to the regular rate. 

To reserve please use the link below:

A limited number of rooms at $199 per night will be made available to student authors on a first come first-served basis and  will be allocated after paper acceptance.

More information about Hyatt Regency Maui is at the hotel website, see the following link.  However to obtain the special group rate one needs to use the reservation link above, and not the Booking link showing on the hotel website below.

Additional accommodation in the area

There are a number of rooms at even lower rates at various hotels on the island.  Since these are in small number in each hotel, distributed over many hotels, we can not negotiate and reserve blocks of rooms conveniently.

We encourage participants to make cancelable reservations at such hotels if they need lower costs than we can provide at the conference hotel.

Note that these lower rates may be further from the hotel and require a car, which however can be shared, bringing the cost still below what it can be ensured at the resort.