Abstracts of the 2023 International IEEE Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Maui, Hawaii, October 1-4, 2023

487 Towards a Versatile Robotic Mobility Platform for Planetary Body
Matthew Louis Robinson
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589 Cybernetic Telepresence Humanoid Surgeon Avatar Robotic Astronaut 	
Susan Jewell, Emmy Jewell
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1014 Mission architecting, technology development, and operations
strategies for long-term human and robotic missions to Mars --
Lessons learned from the NASA Mars Exploration Program 	
Joseph Parrish
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1482 Semantic Segmentation Model for Marine Pollution Detection 	
Wei Bin Heng, CHIU YI-KAI, Xiu-Zhi Chen, Yen-Lin Chen
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1509 Driver Fatigue State Estimation using Time Series Analysis of
Body Acceleration 	
Emi Yuda
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1513 Modeling and Tracking Control of Differential-Drive Mobile
Robots Using Artificial Fuzzy Neural Networks 	
Hsu-Chih Huang
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1515 Fuel-efficient interval management for air traffic descending
Minami Ishii, Masaki Inoue, Daichi Toratani
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1520 Data-efficient Elitist Evolutionary Algorithm for Training
Neural Networks 	
Yurui Yang, Zefeng Chen
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1521 Increasing EV Integration with Reinforcement Learning and
Distribution Network Reconfiguration 	
Nastaran Gholizadeh, Petr Musilek
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1522 Deepfake Detection For Palmprint Authentication 	
Min-Jen Tsai
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1523 Ethics Education Needed for "Responsible Research and
Innovation" of BMI/Neurotechnology 	
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1525 Personal and Situational Determinants of Patients' Adoption of
Robotic Surgery 	
Bjorn FRANK, Kentaro SHIMOURA, Yingfei Hu
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1526 Distributed Nuclear Norm Minimization Algorithm for Low-Rank
Matrix Completion and Its Application to Low-Rank Tensor Completion 	
Katsumi Konishi, Ryohei Sasaki, Toshihiro Furukawa
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1530 Transparent Text-Based Item Recommendation: Introducing TRecX 	
Pablo Perez-Nunez, Jorge Diez, Antonio Bahamonde, Oscar Luaces
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1531 Towards AI-based Accessible Digital Media: Image Analysis
Pipelines and Blind User Studies 	
Mazen Salous, Daniel Lange, Timo Von Reeken, Wilko Heuten,
Susanne Boll, Larbi Abdenebaoui
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1532 Landing Autonomously on the Moon using Reference Maps: Needs
and Challenges 	
Adnan Ansar, Yang Cheng
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1533 Sentiment Analysis Based Human-Machine Teaming Dynamics
Modelling for Improved Situational Awareness in Simulation
Vineetha Menon, Kristin Weger, Bryan Mesmer, Sampson Gholston
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1534 Intelligent tutoring system for cyber security with a trust
management system component 	
Robert Arrabito, Ming Hou, Sebastian Fischmeister, Tiago H. Falk,
Hannah Willoughby, Madison Cameron, Liam Foley, Sarah Normandin,
Simon Banbury
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1536 Exemplifying the Automated Decision Making Process of Medical
Image Annotation Systems through Explainable AI Tools 	
Md. Rakibul Hasan, Md Rahman
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1537 Collaborative Learning Lane Detection Model 	
Xiu-Zhi Chen, Chen Yu Yang, Chih-Sheng Huang, Yen-Lin Chen
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1539 Analysis of Globally Stable Periodic Orbits in Permutation
Elementary Cellular Automata 	
Taiji Okano, Mikito Onuki, Toshimichi Saito
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1540 Optimal dispatching rule analysis for dynamic scheduling
problem with periodical demand 	
Daisuke Hirotani, Tomohiro Hayashida, Ichiro Nishizaki,
Shinya Sekizaki, Ibuki Maeda
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1542 Cooperative Decision-Making in Mixed Urban Traffic Scenarios 	
Balint Varga, Dongxu Yang, Soren Hohmann
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1543 CATKoDR: Hybrid Context-Awareness Model Architecture for Natural
Language Processing 	
Nour Matta, Nada Matta, Agata Marcante, Nicolas Declercq
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1544 Revealing Trend Clusters Influenced by a Social Event from
COVID-19 Tweets in Japan 	
Ryosuke Harakawa, Masahiro Iwahashi
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1545 H-Infinity Control of a Bidirectional Converter Based on Novel
Interval Type-2 T-S Fuzzy Model 	
Gwo-Ruey Yu, Z.-Y. Chen
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1548 Preliminary Results of an Augmented Reality Tool for
Supporting Remote Site Exploration 	
Francesca Vergara, Andrea Dan Ryals, Antonio Arenella,
Lorenzo Pollini
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1549 Chinese Sentences Composition for People with Dysarthria 	
Ren-Sheng Jhong, Chun-Yao Hsu, Yue-Shan Chang, Hung-Shing Huang
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1550 Kaguya DEM Improvement for future Lunar Lander Missions 	
Yang Cheng, Adnan Ansar
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1551 Towards Edge-Computing Assesment of Cognitive Workload Using
fNIRS Data 	
Tanya Sarah Paul, Laura Salvan, Maelle Kopf, Danielle Benesch,
Alexandre Marois
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1553 How to Make a Neural Network Learn from a Small Number of
Examples -- and Learn Fast: An Idea 	
Chitta Baral, Vladik Kreinovich
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1554 Improved generalized performance of Hemodynamics Scenarios
prediction with digital biomarkers by Conv1D approach 	
Momo Shirotori, Kosuke Kato, Takaya Hondo, Kijun Kim, Kento Tokuyama
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1558 Challenges and Advancements in Telepresence Frameworks: from
Medicine to Autonomous Systems 	
Parham Mohsenzadeh Kebria, Saeid Nahavandi
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1559 A Transformer Model with Spatiotemporal Input Embedding for
fNIRS data-Driven Neural Decoding 	
Hyunmin Lee, Taehun Kim, Jinung An
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1560 Explainable Markov Chain Based Pattern Forecasting 	
Debdeep Paul, Chandra Suwandi Wijaya, Sahim Yamaura, Koji Miura,
Yosuke Tajika
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1561 IEEE Telepresence Roadmap: Current Status and Call for
Jan B. F. van Erp, Johnny Lee, Leila Takayama, Julian Mason,
Terry Fong, Tiago H. Falk, Guenter Niemeyer 	
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1564 Multi-UAV Network Restoration Scheme using Recovery UAV
Min-Hui Jang, Hyeong-Jin Kim, Jae-Min Lee, Dong-Seong Kim
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1565 Unraveling the Connection: How Cognitive Workload Shapes Intent
Recognition in Robot-Assisted Surgery 	
Mansi Sharma, Antonio Krueger
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1566 Mesh Normal Vectors: A New Texture Feature for Single-View 3D
Object Classification 	
Yufei QUE, Jie XIE, Jin Zhang, Cheng Wu
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1567 A Vision Transformer Model with Compressive Sensing for crowd
density level classification 	
Dan Sun, Jin Zhang, Cheng Wu
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1570 Non-invasive Brain-machine Interface for MindPong Game using
Electroencephalogram and Reservoir Computing Decoder 	
Hoon-Hee Kim
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1571 Can Information Presentation Using a Mixed Reality Device
Reduce Anxiety of Autonomous Driving? A Preliminary Study in
Simulator Environment 	
Hiroshi Yoshitake, Ryunosuke Harada, Motoki Shino
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1572 Prototype of Augmented Avatar with Mobile Smart Device
Masaki Haruna, Masaki Ogino, Shigeaki Tagashira, Susumu Morita
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1577 Intelligent Tracking Control for AGV Navigation in Industry
Environment Based on Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Approach 	
Hsin-Han Chiang, Yen-Lin Chen, Jyun-Hong He, Pei-En Hsu,
Cheng-Hung Lin
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1578 Optimization of Charging Management in Electric Scooter Battery
Swapping Stations based on Level 3 Digital Twin System 	
Seon Han Choi, Taehoon Kim, Kyoung-young Park
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1579 Dynamic Performance in Virtual Spaces 	
Riley Mayr, Nikita Kuznetsov, Tamara Lorenz
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1580 The Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium and Extreme Access 	
Stacy Teng
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1581 CADRE: A Lunar Technology Demo of Multi-Agent Autonomy Enabling
Distributed Measurements 	
Jean-Pierre de la Croix, Federico Rossi
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1582 Cold Operable Lunar Deployable Arm (COLDArm) System Overview
and Testing Updates 	
Robert Peter Dillon, Ryan McCormick, David Newill-Smith,
Jennifer Shatts, Jaakko Karras, Alex Brinkman, Spencer Backus,
Allen Umali, Lacie Fradet, Jacques Laramee, Richard Fleischner
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1583 Clean Your Hands: Using Computational Modeling to Improve
Infection Rates in Anesthesia Induction 	
Olivia Claire Rose, Matthew Bolton, Michael Miller
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1584 Experimental Design for Fatigue Detection in Varied Ambient
Lighting Conditions 	
Katharine Woodruff, Stephanie Dutra, Adelaide Danna, Peggy Wu,
Thomas Ferris, Cheyenne Matthews
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1585 A Hybrid YOLOv8 and Instance Segmentation to Distinguish Sealed
Tissue and Detect Tools' Tips in FLS laparoscopic box trainer 	
Mohsen Mohaidat, Janos Grantner, Saad A Shebrain, IKHLAS ABDEL-QADER
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1586 Robotics testbed for autonomous operations development 	
Hari Nayar, Ashish Goel, Erica Tevere, Anna Boettcher, Erik Kramer,
Adriana Daca, Issa Nesnas
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1590 A Comparative Evaluation of Deep Learning Based
Region-of-Interest Detection of Images in Biomedical Literature 	
Md Rahman, Bikesh Regmi
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1591 Nonlinear State Space Model Identification of Hemorrhage
Resuscitation using Autoencoder Learning and Gaussian Inference 	
Elham Estiri, Hossein Mirinejad
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1592 Haptics in Surgical Robotics 	
Peter Berkelman
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1593 Societal Immunizing System: A New Approach to Dynamic Control
of Everyday Living Risk 	
Yoshifumi Nishida
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1595 Mixture Model-Based Approach for Accurate Finance Table Image
Ho-Jung Kim, Yeong-Eun Jeon, Won-Seok Jung, Dae-Hyun Bae,
Yung-Il Park, Dong-Ok Won
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1596 Managing Nurse Cognitive Load in Emergency Patient Care
Situations with Decision Making Aids 	
Clare Goodman, Nicholas Anton, Poushali Ray, Haozhi Chen, Denny Yu
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1597 Study Channel Hopping Sequences in BT Mesh Networks to Improve
Packet Forwarding Efficiency 	
Yue-Ru Chuang, Chung Chieh-Yu, Shiann-Tsong Sheu
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1598 Speech Imagery Decoding for Emotional Expression by Exploring
Visual Perception from EEG Signals 	
Hyeong-Yeong Park, Seong-Hyun Yu, Seo-jin Lee, Ji-Hoon Jeong
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1599 Model-free Interactive Driving Control for Autonomous Vehicles
Using Deep Reinforcement Learning 	
Hsin-Han Chiang, Mei-Lin Huang, Ching-Hung Lee
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1600 Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network for Lateral Vehicle
Control Design in Automated Driving 	
Hsin-Han Chiang, Mei-Lin Huang, Jing-Xiang Zhang, Hsiao-Chi Li
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1601 Consumer Reactions to E-Government Services: The Influence of
Personal Information Sharing 	
Bjorn FRANK, Akira Nishikawa, Yingfei Hu
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1602 Co-creative Rehabilitation Platform for Cognitive Modeling in A
Perceptual-Action Cycle System 	
Takenori Obo, Takuro Sekiguchi, Naoyuki Kubota
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1603 Design and Implementation of Virtual and Real Kawaii Companion
Robots by Affective Evaluation using EEG and ECG 	
Michiko Ohkura, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Peeraya Sripian,
Midori Sugaya, Noda Natsuko, Dave Berque, Hiroko Chiba
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1604 AI-based Autonomous Diagnostics and Maintenance System for
Cyber Physical Systems 	
Fan Zhang
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1605 Passivity control with energy reflection and haptic data
reduction for delayed robust bilateral teleoperation 	
Harsimran Singh, Panzirsch Michael, Thomas Hulin, Xiao Xu,
Eckehard Steinbach, Alin Albu-Schaeffer
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1608 A Comparative Study via Explainable AI Methods of Preterm Birth
Prediction Model Trained on Ultrasound Images with Slight Changes 	
Yeong-Eun Jeon, Ga-Hyun Son, Ho-Jung Kim, Jae-Jun Lee, Dong-Ok Won
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1610 Target spectral band canonical correlation analysis enhancing
target frequency feature extraction in SSVEP-based BCI 	
Young-gi Ju, Dogeun Park, Dong-Ok Won
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1611 Stable Cognitive attention through Ventilation Pattern
Manipulation in ERP-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces 	
Dogeun Park, Young-gi Ju, Dong-Ok Won
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1613 Deep SIRMs Fuzzy Inference Model and its Application to
Estimating Roles in a Werewolf Game 	
Shuhei Kita, Hirosato Seki
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1614 Challenges in Cybersecurity for Long-Duration Robotics and Human
Exploration of the Moon and Mars
John Kwok, Alex Cervantes
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